Saturday, October 8, 2011

Off to San Diego for the Weekend - 全盲一人サンディエゴまでの冒険旅行

For the weekend, I get some time off from echolocation and the other blindness rehabilitation training, and I am off to San Diego to meet up with friends of mine.

The original plans are, I supposed to leave at Daniel's house alone, take a bus to Greyhound terminal then grab a Greyhound bus to San Diego, but he figured I am not ready for taking a bus and find a greyhound bus terminal by myself, Daniel offered an option to come with me to Greyhound terminal.

Leaving Daniel's House

Daniel and I left his home, and he instructs me as I walk with a long, white interim cane borrowed from him and clicking around as we walk his neighbours. Walking with echolocation as Daniel corrects things I am not doing right... it's like an another day of echolocation and perceptual mobility training!





At 47th Street Bus Stop

After a few minute wait, a bus came, so we got on.
It's no cheaper than free! I was not asked to pay for this portion of bus ride... a driver did not ask me to show any kind of disability certificate of the sort like Japan!

After getting off the bus, the greyhound bus terminal is a couple of blocks away, on the other side of the street... but Daniel made me to find the terminal with a little hint that I should go left after crossing a street!

As the location is close to downtown Long Beach, there are many people who saw my white cane and bumping into trees and signs on the sidewalk offer to help and guide me, but Daniel politely rejected their offers.



Daniel and Me on a Bus

Then, I finally found myself at greyhound bus terminal. Daniel gave me a hint of where the counter is, telling by the voice of ticket guy and passengers talking.
Yes, indeed! I heard a guy talking at the counter he wants to get on this bus but a ticket guy was explaining it's already full... Hmm...
Anyway, I queue for a ticket...

and I found out that the bus I wanted to get is already full!

They put me on the 2nd on standby list. We shall see whether I could get a seat...



Daniel an I at Greyhound Bus Terminal in Long Beach

After all... I got a seat!
The guy on the 1st and the 2nd on standby got a seat, and a lady behind me did not.

Previously, Daniel told methat Greyhound staff often guide me to take the frontmost seat for handicapped people like me.
I should avoid the frontmost seats because it often do not give enough legroom than the 2nd row and back, but the only seat that is available was in the 1st row.
Despite that Daniel said, I found there is more than enough legroom for me and my cane, probably Daniel's legs are much longer than mine, but I am glad I got a seat so this won't screw my trip to San Diego.

Now I am all alone, going down south...


Me Inside the Greyhound Bus



Me Inside the Greyhound Bus

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