Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1 Life Skills Training - Making some Coffee - 日常生活訓練・コーヒーを入れる

For the 1st day of the perceptual mobility and blindness rehabilitation training, Juan is teaching me, as Daniel is going out for the day.

The very first task he instructed was to make a cup of coffee by myself.
He showed me how to operate the faucet, and mesuring the amount of water pouring in a cup. He suggested that I put my index finger in a cup and stop the faucet when the water reaches to my index finger.

Juan and Me in the Kitchen



Since it was the first day of my training, Juan instructed me that I use microwave this time.
Place a cup in microwave, and learn how to use microwave.
Fortunately, Daniel's microwave has voice navigation, it says which button I pressed. Nice feature!
Just press the Express 2min button and water heats up.

Finally, I take a coffee jar, scoop some coffee with a spoon, and pour into a cup paying attention not to spill outside. Use of left hand as a guide would help.

It must be a simple task for a sighted person, but it is rather difficult for me as a blind man with no practice.

Me Using Microwave




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