Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Returned to Rehabilitation Centre - 通常のリハビリに戻る

A day after I returned from the United States for echolocation and perceptual mobility, I returned to the walfare rehabilitation centre in Fukuoka city for regular rehabilitation program.


Back at Rehab Center

The first thing people at the rehabilitation centre noticed was... the shoes I am wearing - the Vebram Fivefingers!

センターに入るなり、そこにいた人の注目を集めたのは・・・ ダニエルが私に買ってくれた、五本指の靴!

Showing My Vebran Fivefingers Off

Then, I am returning to the blindness mobility training with my new long white cane and flashy shoes.
I'm about to give the long white cane and a pair of thin-sole shoes a try. How this "perceptual mobility" style that Daniel recommends work in Japan!?


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