Monday, October 17, 2011

The Last Day in Los Angels - 最終日はロサンゼルス

After meeting up with my friend, Neil picked me up at Downtown Long Beach.
He invited me to stay a night with his house. After a pleasant dinner, Neil helped me go through photos that I have taken with my cameras.



Neil and Me Going Through Photos on My MacBook

Then, Neil asked me if he could shoot me using my MacBook with VoiceOver screen reader before he gives me a ride to LAX tomorrow.
His idea is me making my Mac read the first email I sent to Daniel, which I still have it on my computer.

So, before we leave, Neil set up the camera and shoot a movie that I am using my mac.

そして、ニールが、私がMacBook Proを使っているところを撮影したい、と言ってきました。出来れば、Macのスクリーンリーダー、VoiceOverで、私がダニエルに送った初めてのメールを読ませて欲しい、ということなので、次の日の朝、ロサンゼルス空港に向かう前に撮影することに。

Neil Shooting Me with His Camera

After shooting, Neil is giving me a ride to LAX... with his Nissan Leaf electric vehicle!

For blind people, quiet cars like Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius scare us as they make no sounds, there is no way for blind people to notice these cars are approaching, but I noticed one thing with Nissan Leaf... I can hear the humming sound of cooling fan, so it makes a bit of audible noise if the power is on!



Me with Nissan Leaf

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