Monday, October 10, 2011

Daniel's Cooking Lesson 2 - Vegetable Soup? - ダニエルの盲人お料理教室その2 野菜スープ?

When returned home, Daniel told me that I am making supper tonight!

Tonight's menu is... vegetable soup!


Daniel and Me in the Kitchen Opening a Bag

The first step is easy. open a bag of pre-cut vegetables.
The bag is pre-cut, so it is easy to tear it off.

But next, Daniel told me something.

Now, make a friend with a knife!

And pulled out a knife, handed it to me!

I freaked out! It's dangerous!
Daniel told me to calm down... it won't hurt you unless you make use of it!

Then, he handed the blade of knife to me. I am shaking and tremblig, and Daniel can tell that.

No wonder I am scared: I have never used a knife since I became blind, and this is definitely not what my parents would never, ever let me use for the rest of my life... they never let me enter the kitchen area because of knives are around!

Daniel and Me Holding a Knife







どうやら今まで料理教室などは行ったことが無いそうで・・・ お互いに初めての経験。

Daniel and Me Handling a Knife Hand Shot

Daniel insists to touch the blade of a knife. That't something parents would never, ever let their children do.

I can tell that he is trying teach me in the way he was taught as a blind person. For the blind, we must do not have visual sense, so we must perceive with other senses like touching. That's why Daniel forces to tough the knife blade with my fingers.

Luckily, he never instructed to slide my finger along the blade!

Me Holding a Knife

Then, the purpose of 'making a friend with a knife' is... to open an another bagfull of vegetable with a knife!

そして、こんなに時間を割いてナイフの使い方を体験した理由は・・・ 野菜の袋を開けるため!

Me Holding a Vegetable Bag

All vegetables are in a pot, added some vegetable broth, and pray for it turns out to be better...
but it turned out to be some vegetable stew with no liquids!

ベジタブルスープを作るつもりでしたが、汁気が少ない・・・ 結局はベジタブルシチューに早代わり。

Vegetable Stew in a Pot

The hungry trio at the kitchen

Daniel Juan and me stickoing out tongue near a pot

Daniel Juan and Me eating Vegetable Stew!

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