Friday, October 14, 2011

Clicker - クリッカー、エコーロケーションの秘密兵器

After Daniel giving me new canes, he brought a small device called clicker. It has the size of a thumb and it makes a loud click noise.


Clicker Closeup

This is a small device that is to be used when training dogs, but it makes ideal click sound for human echolocation.
With this, I can make a loud audible click sound even in a noisy place!


Daniel and Me with a Clicker

Daniel told me if we have a clicker, meeting in public place would be much easier. Just click it occasionally and follow the sound. The click sound is so loud, not only dogs but human can listen to it from afar, if paying attention to this specific click sound.

I read one story of a blind girl who visited Disneyland. She was afraid of being away from her family so she sticks with someone all the time, but since she and her family have given a pair of clicker, she suddenly running around and start explore the park, clicking her clicker! As long as they are clicking to each other, they know where they are!

Though Daniel and Juan taught me to clap my hands in open space where tongue click is not efficient, clicker would cover much area... it's the magnificent tool for human echolocator!




Daniel Observing Me Trying Clicker

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