Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being Filmed - ドキュメンタリー撮影

Day 3 De-briefing

After returnin from this day's echolocation and mobility training, Daniel was waiting at his place and he suggested we should get a de-briefing shot, sharing my experience of echolocation in my last 3 days of intensive training.

Though I cannot remember what exactly I spoke at the camera, I can say I am stunned at observing Daniel and Juan's echolocation at work, and I will commit to brush up my echolocation skill over time to prove that it is not too late for a guy in mid-30 of age who is adventitiously blind.

By this time, I am influenced by the no limit philosophy, and I am all in for discovery and recovery part of my life!





ダニエルは、時々「No limits」という言葉を口に出します。そして、彼は私に、「今君が挑戦しているのは人生の再発券と修復、(Discovery and Recovery)なんだよ」と言ってくれました。

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