Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flying Blind with ANA Domestic flight - A little bits count - 視覚障害者へのさりげない搭乗サポート・ANA国内線

After saying goodbye to the group of ANA cabin attendants, a gentleman who works for ANA helps me go through the immigration and customs. Everything went smoothly, I even did not know when I went through immigration booth because I am taken to an open booth with no obstacles so I just walked straight instead of turning around the narrow aisle.



Refilling and Organising My Suitcase

At domestic check-in counter, I showed my bags of See's Candies' lollipop candies and told I would like to put these bags inside, one of ladies at the counter offered a help!

After re-checking my luggage and requested for an upgrade, I learned that there is the aircraft change, from B737-700 to B767-300 and all Premium Class seats are empty, I am sure I will get an upgrade.
While a lady at check-in counter is processing my check-in, I am taken to the ANA Arrival Lounge and waiting for everything to be ready.
I wish I had enough time to take a shower after a long haul, but since it is just 15 minutes before boarding, I had to proceed to the security check and boarding gate.

プレミアムクラスで再チェックインしている間、私はカウンター隣のANA Loungeで一息。

Me in ANA lounge with vegetable juice

Then, I am on the tarmac, ready to board!

Me standing on tarmac ANA airplane behind

On my flight from Tokyo Narita to Fukuoka, a small box of meal is served.

Me in Premium Class with Meal

The sandwiches were fit too tight in a compartment, I was spending hard time taking them out. The chief flight attendant saw me struggling with sandwiches, and then...

Premium Class Meal


She asked me if she may use my unopened chopsticks.
I said yes, and what she did was she pulled out sandwich slightly out from the compartment so I can pick it up easily!

I was very surprised by her voluntarily help to make it easier for me, realising ANA staff are really commited to serve passenger any way.


After all, I arrived at Fukuoka airport.
Without exception, I asked for a photo.
The echolocation and perceptual mobility training trip is over, but without great airplane staff, this trip never be impossible.

This is the end of the trip, but also the beginning of my new life as a blind person with echolocation!


Disembarking Photo with ANA CAs at FUK

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