Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying Good-bye to Daniel - ダニエルとお別れ

It is Sunday morning before dawn.
While Daniel is waiting for his ride to LAX, he went through the cane technique with me, as I asked him to show me how to use a cane to go up and down the stairs.


Daniel and Me Early in the Morning

Then, it's time to say good bye to Daniel.
Just come to think of, he is very generous to me, not only providing a place to stay, but shared me lots of tips of echolocation and other orientation skills that blind people need to know.

This service is offered as a part of what World Access for the Blind, a non profit organisation that support blind people with perceptual mobility skills, offers, but the curriculam is very personalised, and I would highly recommend the services it offers... they certainly can change the world of blind people all over the world!

よく考えてみると、ダニエルはエコーロケーションを広めるために「World Accress for the Blind」を設立しており、私の訓練も、そのサービスとして提供されたものなのですが・・・




Daniel and Me Smiling

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