Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Blind Hiking Day - 全盲でもハイキング、しかもガイド無しで。

For this day's echolocation and perceptual mobility training, Daniel said this: We are going to hike today!


Getting ready for a hike outside house

Then, we came to Big Santa Anita Canyon, not too far away from Los Angels.


Big Santa Anita Canyon

Unloading a car before Hike at Big Santa Anita Canyon

As we are preparing for a hike at the parking lot, Daniel handed a pole that is much thicker than a long white cane that blind people use to walk.
I asked what it is, and Daniel replied it's a hiking pole, and we use two sticks to hike.

He told me to hold the long white cane as if I walk on the street, and hold a hiking pole in my left hand, at the height of my elbow.
Basically, I suppose to use the white cane to find oncoming obstacles and use the pole in my left hand to stabilise my body.

I asked Daniel how we will find our way, he told me we will find our way! And he also told me I will have to find the way!

Basically, Daniel is saying we will not use any sighted guide to lead our way to hike! Is it possible???Though the film crew were following, they won't involve into any decision making during hiking.
Despite my skepticism about blind hiking, people with no vision leading our way, Daniel pushed my back saying I would become much more confident if I walk in town... after walking uneven terrain, paved roads would become nothing!

Well, let's go!

Me before hike






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