Monday, July 8, 2013

Blind hirosan's new Theme Song by Jonathan Mann - "Ryo Hirosawa"

I haven't laughed out loud this much for years since I lost my eyesight... until I heard this song: A song named after my name "Ryo Hirosawa" as Jonathan Mann's "Song A Day" project! It seems that Darrell talked to Jonathan about writing a song for me to cheer up after losing my eyes, and I didn't know until very recently! Thanks Jonathan and Darrell for a great cheer-up song: This "medicine music" takes in effect instantly, and absorbed deep in my heart!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Temporary Eyes - 仮義眼

My temporary prosthetic eyes are made of translucent plastic.
I want green eyes but my doctor and my parents are against it.


Clean Eye Socket

Nice and clean. Time for putting prosthetic eyes!

Black Eyes? - うっ血

Even after a couple of weeks since surgery.


Post-Surgery Visitor - お見舞

A couple of days after the eye removal surgery, my friend Darrell came to see me. Thanks, Darrell!


The Last Photo with Real Eye

Due to blogger inaccessibilty, I cannot change the date, but this was the last day with my real eyes:The photo of me before eye removal surgery.

ブログのアクセス数が急にアップしたので、あわてて今までの写真をアップ・・・ とは言っても、GoogleのBloggerは、いかんせん視覚障害者に優しくなく、一度アップしたら、日付やコメントを変更できない・・・


A 1000yen ($1) Burger

from McDonalds! Ht sees to be a quarter pounder with thick bacon and pineapples!
It tasted great but 1000 yen is too much.