Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The 3rd Anniversary of My Theme Song! 自分のテーマ曲公開3周年!

It was 3 years ago when Jonathan Mann and Darrell Smith surprised me with a gift of my theme song! It includes my passion to blind photography, my eyes and echolocation! Though I gave up on acupuncture and massage therapy part, but everything else is pretty consistent!

今からちょうど3年前、Jonathan Mann ( と ダリル・スミス ( が、この曲で驚かせてくれました。私が全盲になって、落ち込んでいるところにプレゼントしてくれた、励ましの曲、私の緑色の義眼に対する反応や、ずっと訓練してきたえこっロケーションのことなど、2分半に網羅しています。英語ではありますが、聴いていただけると幸いです。

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Demystifying Echolocation in Japan! - 知られざる脳の真実!!世界を変える奇跡の力,、そしてエコロケーションの力。

Congrats on my friend and my first echolocation instructor Juan Ruiz for showing off echolocation through the TV show in Japan, this time, Juan actually visited Japan! After the show was aired, I could not help calling him to celebrate his presence in Japan! When I received my first echolocation training in Los Angeles as the first Japanese person in 2011 that I would like to see whether echolocation works in Japan, so I will try to get him to Japan… and the mission completed! Well done, Juan, let's spread echolocation so there will be an another opportunity for him to come back to Japan!