Friday, September 6, 2013

Shooting a Waterfall 滝の撮影

Shooting blimd with Fujifilm finepix X100 that allow me to shoot manual using built-in ND filter for a slow shutter. I will post photos later.

佐賀に、鯉を食べに行ったついでに、近くの清水の滝で、写真を撮ってきました。相棒のFujifilm Finepix X100でNDフィルターをオンにして、スローシャッターで、滝をねらってきました。撮った写真は、後日アップすることにします。

Carp Sashimf 鯉の洗い

Fish sashimi lunch. Fresh carp sashimi!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Made an Appearance on Love FM ラジオ出演

After the song of "Ryo Hirosawa" is published on YouTube, I made a brief appearance in Love FM's Afternoon Delight show with Jonathan Mann and Darrell Smith the host. For the first half of the interview, Jonathan and Darrell is talking about the "Song a Day" project, followed by my echolocation and blind photography, in Japanese. I was told I speak only in Japanese because the radio show's target audience is Japanese people. If anyone wants to hear my voice, check the recording at the link below. Love FM Interview with Jonathan Mann and Ryo Hirosawa 先月LOVE FMに出演しました。その時の音源が上のリンクで聞く事が出来ます。後半辺りにちょこっとだけ出ています。エコーロケーション、盲人の撮る写真について日本語で話しています。良かったら聞いてください。

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Got New Eyes! - 新しい眼

Got a new custom-made prosthetic eyes!
Under low light, they look just like black as ordinary Japanese have, but the iris turne into green under a good lighting condition!
Here is a photo with the eye model. Do they look alike?


Monday, July 8, 2013

Blind hirosan's new Theme Song by Jonathan Mann - "Ryo Hirosawa"

I haven't laughed out loud this much for years since I lost my eyesight... until I heard this song: A song named after my name "Ryo Hirosawa" as Jonathan Mann's "Song A Day" project! It seems that Darrell talked to Jonathan about writing a song for me to cheer up after losing my eyes, and I didn't know until very recently! Thanks Jonathan and Darrell for a great cheer-up song: This "medicine music" takes in effect instantly, and absorbed deep in my heart!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Temporary Eyes - 仮義眼

My temporary prosthetic eyes are made of translucent plastic.
I want green eyes but my doctor and my parents are against it.


Clean Eye Socket

Nice and clean. Time for putting prosthetic eyes!

Black Eyes? - うっ血

Even after a couple of weeks since surgery.


Post-Surgery Visitor - お見舞

A couple of days after the eye removal surgery, my friend Darrell came to see me. Thanks, Darrell!


The Last Photo with Real Eye

Due to blogger inaccessibilty, I cannot change the date, but this was the last day with my real eyes:The photo of me before eye removal surgery.

ブログのアクセス数が急にアップしたので、あわてて今までの写真をアップ・・・ とは言っても、GoogleのBloggerは、いかんせん視覚障害者に優しくなく、一度アップしたら、日付やコメントを変更できない・・・


A 1000yen ($1) Burger

from McDonalds! Ht sees to be a quarter pounder with thick bacon and pineapples!
It tasted great but 1000 yen is too much.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kuaaina in Osaka Namba

I craved for a Hawaiian burger!
I cannot help going to Kuaaina whenever I have a chance because there is no Hawaiian burger like this in Fukuoka!


Puddle Jumper

Darrell told me Americans call a small plane "puddle jumper" as it goes up then down like we jump over a paddle.

ダリルによると、小さな飛行機のことを、paddle jumperというそうです、水たまりをジャンプするかのごとく、上がってすぐ下がるから、そう言われるみたいです。

Monday, March 18, 2013

ANA Lounge at Fukuoka Airport

I usually travel alone, but I am travellhng with the siano Man Darrell!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Me in Suit

... and slippers!

スーツ姿の自分・・・ 何故かスリッパまでお揃い。

Friday, March 15, 2013

English Lesson at MISDO

After a year of silence, I am bak at hirosanblog, with less frequent updates due to the accessibility issues with google.

Here is a photo of a scene that my british friend teaching me English at Mister Donut!
I need to keep up with English badly!



Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Parcel from Canada - 小包

A parcel has arrived from Canada. What I found inside is a bottle of maple syrup! Thanks Kris!