Thursday, August 1, 2013

Got New Eyes! - 新しい眼

Got a new custom-made prosthetic eyes!
Under low light, they look just like black as ordinary Japanese have, but the iris turne into green under a good lighting condition!
Here is a photo with the eye model. Do they look alike?



  1. Go for green! I am not Japanese, or in your situation, so I can't possibly understand, but why can't YOU choose what colour your prosthetic eyes are? Surely they are your eyes - you should choose. After so much has happened for you, at the very least you deserve beautiful sea green eyes. I watched the video of you listening to the song - it's a very catchy song, sounds a little bit like Ben Folds. Karyn.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      After persistently convincing the doctor, I got a set of green prosthetic eyes! I wish I had my eyes ready before the Youtube video clip is produced... After one week from movie shooting, I got these eyes.
      The movie clip should show how much this song cheered me up, and I think I will be okay even after losing my eyes altogether!