Friday, October 14, 2011

Shoe Shopping - 靴のショッピング

On the hiking day, Daniel told me I should have a new pair of shoes like him - a durable, thin sole shoes- to feel the terrain and surface. He is talking about the Barefoot series of shoes by Merrell.

He brought a new pair of black Merrell True Glove and told me it's mine if they fit.

これは、メレルノBarefootシリーズ、黒のTrue Gloveというモデルだそうです。


Me Trying Daniel's Shoes On

Me Trying Daniel's Merrell Shoes - too small

Though Daniel and I share the same shoe size of US 8.5, this shoe is too tight.
In fact, I realised that I have wide feet and if I buy western shoes like Converse and Vans, I chose two sizes up.
Daniel told me he has narrow feet, I would need a pair with larger size.

Then, Daniel said, Let's go!



At that time, Bill is with us, and he gladly offered a ride to Huntington Beach for us
When we arrive at R.E.I (Recrational Equipment Incorporated?) a salesperson brought a pair of Merrell True Glove in size 9.
I later learned Daniel called up a bunch of stores and found out a shop that carries the shoes in my size!
So, he is very serious about getting me a pair of that shoes!


Me Trying on Merrell Shoes, Daniel Standing Nearby

The size 9 fit me, so the shoe shopping is over... but Daniel says he wants to show some more shoes, so I followed him by clicking my tongue as sliding my new white cane.


Me walking in the store with Daniel with cane

Daniel told me there is an another variation of Merrell Barefoot shoes- Trail Glove, besides True Glove. The difference is aethethic looks, as True Glove has more distinctive look and Trail Glove has more tennis shoes look.

連れていかれた先では、メレルのBarefootシリーズの別の種類の靴、Trail Gloveがありました。
この靴は、どちらかというとオーソドックスな運動靴のように見えるらしいですが、機能はTrue Gloveと全く同じのようです。

Trying a Pair of Merrell Shoes

When trying these shoes, Daniel told me to walk around with echolocation. So, I left my cane and started walking around the aisles, thinking Daniel makes every occasion echolocation and perceptual mobility training!
Oh! I can walk without any help but echolocation!


Me  with Merrell True Glove, Tongue Clicking and Walking

Okay, I will get a pair of True Glove!

As I made my decision, Daniel and Bill has brought something that I have never heard before... Vebram Fivefingers!
They insisted I should give it a try, so I slipped them on.

と思ったその時、ダニエルとビルのどちらが持ってきたのかは分からないのですが、そこには奇妙な五本指の靴、Vebram Fivefingersがありました!

Me Trying Vebram Fivefingers

Whoa! It fits my feet very well and they feel very good on my feet, as if they are part of my feet!
After trying some more of shoes, I finally found the best fitting pair for my wide feet!


Vebram Fivefingers Closeup

After all, I got two pairs: Black Merrell True Glove and Vebram Fivefingers.
I believe Merrell sells True Glove in Japan, too. But Vebram has no presence in Japan, so it is a rare pair until Vebram starts selling them in Japan.

Before heading out to cashier, Bill told me to promise I will keep working on echolocation, and he will give them as the gift of celebrating the freedom, independence and responsibility.

Indeed, it is not the end of echolocation and perceptual mobility training, but it is the beginning of long journey to master these skills, taking the first step with these shoes!



Daniel Bill and Me at R.E.I. in Huntington Beach

After shoe shopping, we had some Mexican food at Chipoltle.
At soda fountain, Daniel started instructing how to pour some soda... the blindness orientation training continues, as long as Daniel is around!?



Me pouring diet coke from soda fountain

Bill and me at Chipoltle for supper

I've got a jumbo burrito!


Me with Jumbo Burrito besides Daniel

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