Friday, October 7, 2011

Walking Through the Parking Lot Training Continues - 食後も駐車場横断訓練

After shoving some Chinese food in my stomach, we left the Chinese take-out place.

Daniel said, resume our training: Let's cross this parking lot again!

Steve the cameraguy told us it's getting dark and he has to shoot at higher ISO, but Daniel said we will do the training and he wants Steve to roll his camera.

As a photogenic guy myself, what Steve is talking about ISO / ASA speed is totally understandable. For blind people with no sense of light, ISO speed does not come across in their lives, but for me, faster ISO required when shooting in a dark is quite natural to me:In other words, I understand Steve's language that he will try to film me anyway.

Daniel says: It doesn't matter how dark it is out there, it's all the same to blind guys like me and Ryo!

Then, I clap my hand to find the rough idea where the building on the other side of the parking lot is, stick my long white cane right in front of me, listen to the traffic, click my tongue to scan for other parked cars in the lot, then step out from the curb.

Me Stepping off the Curve



全盲の人には、ISOとかASA感度って言葉は通用しないんだ! と。



Daniel and Me in Parking Lot

As Daniel told me, the darkness does not matter for echolocating things; in other words, echolocation works in a dark!
Surprisingly, I could find cars parked on both sides, veering myself in between parking stalls, and I do not have any problems finding a motorhome, too.

As I reached to the other side of the parking lot, Daniel says: Okay we are going back to the other side of the lot!

After a few tries, now I am confident that I can cross the parking lot with echolocation safely and comfortably!




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