Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinner at Veggie Wokery with Bill and Juan - ダニエル抜きの夕食

After returning from Lakewood Mall, Bill dropped by the Daniel's house.
Daniel suppose to be back from san Diego for dinner meeting with bill, but since he cannot make it, Bill Juan and I left for Veggie Wokery for supper.

この日、ダニエルはサンディエゴに出張。夕方には戻る予定で、ビルとビジネスミーティングを、ダニエル行きつけのベジタリアンレストランで行うはずだと聞いたのですが・・・ どうやらサンディエゴからのバスが遅れているらしく、ビルとフアンと私の3人で、そのベジタリアンレストランへ行くことにしました。

Juan Bill and me at Veggie Wokery

While we are dining, Daniel called us and asked for take-outs.

After dinner, we three head back to Daniel's house with a bunch of vegan Chinese food in hands.
Among the take-out containers, we have 4 servings of fried bananas for dessert for all of us!


Me eating Fried Banana

Mmmmm... Delicious!
I like the deep-fried bananas with a hint of cinnamon!


Bill and Daniel's businessed turned into a standing fried banana party!

Bill Daniel and me at Daniel's house fried banana party

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