Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Last Day with Daniel - ダニエルと過ごす最後の日

After the film shooting at Long Beach airport, Daniel and I are back at his home.
We sat on a couch and talking about the plans until I go back to Japan.

Here is my attempt of Daniel's portrait shot, by the way.

Daniel Silhoulette



ということは、私よりダニエルの方が先に家を出ることになるわけで・・・ さあ、どうしよう。

The original plan is, Daniel and I spend the weekend together, I leave for returning to Japan on Monday then Daniel leaves for Europe on the next day, but Daniel told me he must leave for New York on Sunday, that is one day before I leave.
As we are trying to fix the issue, the Cameraman Neil told me I am welcome to stay at his place for a night, and he will take me to the airport, so this thing is sorted out.



Daniel and cat

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