Saturday, October 15, 2011

Film Shooting at Long Beach Airport - ロングビーチ空港でドキュメンタリー撮影

Me at Long Beach Airport

A day after the echolocation and perceptual mobility training is over, I found myself at Long Beach airport.
But I am not going back to Japan yet. Then, why I am at the airport?


Neil with Camera behind me at Long Beach Airport

We are at the airport for shooting a movie clip of the scene Daniel and I are meeting... rather, pretending to meet for the first time!

Though I have some unprofessionally-taken photos of Daniel and me meeting at Los Angels International Airport by a dumb airport ground person two weeks ago, we do not have a movie footage from the scene. Therefore, the cameraman / director Neil suggested that we shall film the scene at nearby Long Beach airport!


Me Greeting with Daniel at Long Beach Airport

Then, we are shaking our hands as if we haven't met before, saying it's nice to meet you!


After movie shooting, Daniel gave me an assignment: Find the way out and find a car in a parking lot!
Indeed, my echolocation and perceptual mobility training has not finished yet, as long as I am with Daniel... which is indeed a good thing for me!



On the way back, we dropped by a Vietnamiese restaurant for lunch.
I thought this is the end of documentary film shooting, but... Neil will become the one who is seeing me off at LAX.

カメラマン・ニールとも、これでお別れかと思ったら・・・ これがひょんなことで、彼の家に最終日に泊めてもらうことになり、ロサンゼルス空港まで見送ってくれることになるのでした。

Lunch at Vietnamese restaurant with Daniel and Neil

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