Wednesday, October 12, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen is Accessible for Visually Impaired! - カリフォルニア・ピザ・キッチンの盲人に対する配慮

At California Pizza Kitchen, I am surprised to have a menu in my hand... It's in braille!
The first half is menu in large characters for visually impaired people, and the last half is the menu in braille!


Braille and large letter menu at California Pizza Kitchen

It says, California Pizza Kitchen
Alphabets are the same in braille, so I can read it, though there is a little rule differences that we put two additional cells to distinguish between Japanese Kana and English Alphabets.
「California Pizza Kitchen」と書いてあります。

The Title in braille Closeup

Though it's been just over a year, I can read braille in Japanese and English Alphabets... but very slow.
It's much faster by having someone read the menu for me, so I ended up asking for a sighted assistance for ordering my pizza.


Me reading braille at California Pizza Kitchen

After all, we've got some food on table!

Neil Michael Juan and me at California Pizza Kitchen

But, I am very surprised there is a restaurant that has a menu for visually impaired people, never can imagine any restaurant would do in Japan!

Me eating Piza at CPK

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