Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Introduction to Blind Photography - 盲人写真家へのいざない

Juan is my echolocation instructor and I am his student, but we sometimes shift our wole,... when it comes to blind photography.
For adventitiously blind, many of them know what photography is, but for born blind, I suspect they have little idea, or hardly be able to picture what photography is what it is for, lacking the experience of taking them and sharing them... I always wonder what blind people would say what photo is...
Juan may be wondering why I am taking so many photographs.
I told him I am sharing to the world what I would see if I have vision, documenting my life through photos.
Juan once told me he satisfies with his iPhone 4 camera, he seems to hold some interests in what I am shooting photos with, so I handed my Ricoh GR Digital 3 to him.

Here is what Juan's first shot that he calls it 'Sky':



事実、私の目の前の物を、ありのままにスナップ撮影をする、いわゆる「candid photography」というのが私の写真で、盲人でありながらリコーのGR Digital IIIの愛用者です。全盲でGRD愛用者って、いるんですかねぇ?
とにかく、フアンはiPhone 4のカメラが生まれて初めてのカメラで、それなりに満足してはいるようですが、私がどんな撮影をしているのか、気になっている様子。そこで、私のカメラを彼に手渡してみました。

Next, Juan learned that I do take photos of self whth all people I am with.
I just call it 'selftake' and I started doing it because I am usually the one who take photos for other people, and I never get a chance to be in a photo... so I figured out the way to take a photo of me and the others in a same frame...
So, this is what I got from the scene.

Juan Neil Michael and me tailgate party



The First Selftake Shot by Juan

The photo above is what Juan took.
He told me he wanted to shoot in a way I do, so I taught him how to do self take.
I heard he did a great job trying to make everyone in a frame!

And I caught Juan doing selftake with my iPhone camera!
そして、フアンが自分撮りしているところを、私のiPhone 4 カメラで撮影!

Juan's First Photography with (real) Digital Camera!

Even blind guys like us can take decent pictures!

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