Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Quick Cooking Training with Daniel - ダニエルの簡単お料理教室

My mobility and life orientation rehabilitation training includes doing things in the kitchen like handling water and food, which my parents never allowed since I lost my vision because it is dangerous. For this day, Daniel taught me how to heat up some butter beans in a can.


Cooking Lesson by Daniel

First, Daniel told me where I can find a can of butter beans, and I followed his instruction to find the right can.
Oh well, he remembers where he put things; otherwise, it's easy to lost track on where we put things...

After finding a can, I looked for a can opener from a kitchen drawer and attempted to open a can.
For sighted people or anyone who is used to use a can opener, it's an easy task, but for me as a guy who still have a visual memory of a can and can opener, it was quite a challenge to hook the can opener to the edge of the can, Daniel showed me how to make sure a can openner is hooked to the edge of a can by touch and feel.

Then, this came across my mind: People who are born blind or lost their eyesight in early stage in their life only know cans and can openers by perception, or by touch and feel, but I still try to visualise what cans and can openers are by my visual memory even after loss of my sight, that makes me feel being afraid of handling sharp items...




Butter Beans

The another problem I have since I became blind is to keep things in level. In other words, I am not confident with pouring the containts of a can into a bowl and hold the bowl in level, not to spill anything out.
Daniel told me to make a good use of my hand, finding a bowl with my left hand while pouring the beans by holding a can with my right hand.
It seems that it's such an easy task, but I really had to concentrate on what I was doing; otherwise, I would spill the containts as I did at Adam's place two days ago!



Butter Beans

Then, I successfully bring a bowl of butter beans to a microwave and heated up.
I was in fear of spilling out due to my lack of veering and leveling, but I did okay this time!

After heeting it up, put some fried onion, and my supper is served!

It took probably awful 20 minuts to heat a can of butter beans, but it seems that it took just a few minutes for Daniel to do the same thing...

Still, I learned an important lesson: I should forget about relying on my past visual memory to do things but rely on my perceptions like touching.




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