Monday, October 3, 2011

From DFW to LAX - テキサスからロサンゼルスへ

When checked in for my flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Los Angels, there were two pieces of tickets came out. What is the one of them stand for?

My Baggage Tag

The flight from DFW to LAX turned out to be such a nice and pleasant one!

At Dallas, a gentleman came to me to assist my boarding, even before the announce was made. As I was entering the airplane cabin, I asked if he is an airport staff, he replied that he was actually the pilot!

Whoa... I was guided by a captain!

During the flight, I had a great chat with flight attendants. One of them turned out to be a Japanese!
We first talked in English but later switched to Japanese.
At disembarking, while I was waiting for an airport staff to come to get me, the crew and I were chatting!

A Photo with United Express Crew

It became such a memorable flight!



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