Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day at Hhopping Mall for Echolocation Practise - ショッピングモールでエコーロケーションを実践してみる

One of the things I told Daniel nd Juan what I want to do while I am in Long Beach is shopping for shirts.
The reason behind my wish is that my parents threw most of my favourite shirts while I was in hospital as I am losing my eyesight, thinking I would have no vision, I would not care what shirts I ware... which is the wrong assumtion.
I realised that my parents only left conservative designs that Japanese people like, so I really want to look for some shirts that have different and distinctive designs to Japanese ones.
For making my wish come true, Juan took me to Lakewood shopping mall for echolocation training!


Neil drove us to the mall, but as soon as he dropped us off, Juan told me to find the mall entrance!

As I am hearing the traffic noise, I turned against it, assuming there is no building that way.
Fair enough, thanks to Neil who parked his car close to the building, I can hear the traffic noise bouncing off from the building. Passive sonar works great if traffic is so noisy.

Then, I approach to the building, observing mall traffic and confirm that cars stopped for us to cross, we approached to the building.
Observing the doors opening and closing, I found the entrance of the building, and entered.

Neil taking photo of me at  the Lakewood Mall parking lot


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