Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hiking Back - ハイキングの帰り道

After lunch break, I was given two choices: Either I want to keep hiking to the waterfall, or just head back. I chose the latter because mental fatigue already hits me and I am afraid I can no longer echolocate effectively with my brain, though I still have some muscle strength.
Since Juan had energy to go to the waterfall, we spreaded in two groups: Daniel and me heading back the trail, and Juan and the cameraman Neil goes to the waterfall.

Then, I gave Juan a hiking pole, and Daniel and I started heading back the same way we came.

Perhaps Daniel noticed I am so disoriented by excessive fatigue, he offers to lead my way - Grab my backpack!

Daniel Leading My Way Back



Daniel and Me Hiking Back

As I was walking behind Daniel, I felt I am a loser; failed to accompalish the task of going to the waterfall, but Daniel did not blame on me for giving up in the middle.

As we were descending the hill, I noticed Daniel is not clicking his tongue at all!
But he walks as he is a sighted man. Hmmmm...
He told me It seems that he uses other senses like the passive sonar and the feel of terrain from the sole of feet... the total perceptual mobility.

After all, the hiking experience made me realise that echolocation is one of perceptual mobility technique, and with all together, blind people finally can claim the true mobility.
I also learned my shortcomings like mental mapping or drawing a map on my head and memorize it, and I still lose concentration quite easily. My brain is not functioning for blind people needs it to be, so I now have an idea what I have to overcome towards reclaiming the freedom.





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