Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Afternoon Perceptual Mobility Lesson - 午後のエコロケーション訓練

Going Outside

Juan Ruiz is one of my coaches for blindness rehabilitation orientation activities and perceptual mobility trainers. We will be spending days together at Daniel's house and give me trainings on daily chores and whatnot... and he is one of the masters of echolocation, a holder og Guinness record on riding a bicycle with no vision!


Panel Exercise Outside

After lunch, we get back to panel exercise, but this time, doing it outside. Compared to inside training, I found it rather difficult because the echo of my tongue click is somewhat harder to observe.


Juan Adam and Me WalkingThough it is the 1st day of echolocation and mobility training, Juan decided to take me out for a walk in neighbourhood.
With my cane technique I have learned in Japan and the tongue clicking echolocation technique, I tried to imitate to walk with Juan and Adam, an another guy who teaches me for the rest of the day.
I was handed a longer cane that comes to my chin, and had demonstrated how much work I would need for next couple of weeks!


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