Friday, October 7, 2011

Working with Tongue Click Sound with Daniel - 舌打ち修行with ダニエル

As I am exploring neighbours, Daniel stopped me and told me to get close to the end of the street, and told me to click my tongue.

Okay, I am facing to a solid thing, and it's a bit afar.

Daniel told me it's a house, and we get a good echo bouncing off from it.
Then, he told me to get afar from the building, and told me to turn around and click, nntil I can no longer hear the echo.

Daniel told me I should have an ability to hear things from 200 to 300 feet away, in good, silent condition.

He also told me my tongue click sound is great, though I said the problem I have is consistency and the pitch so I do not get favourable audible feedback whenever I want.

Daniel figures out I have some basic skills for echolocation, and he takes me to the park...

Daniel and Me Clicking to the House








??? 舌打ちの訓練、これだけ?

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