Friday, October 7, 2011

Echolocating at Parking Lot - 大きな駐車場でエコロケーションをするには?

After taking a rest with a popsicle in my hand, Daniel and I left the park. Then, Daniel took me to...

A parking lot! I have no idea how big it is, but the sound or cars are overwhelming!

Despite the situation, Daniel says we are crossing the parking lot, and start clapping his hands.
He told me to do the same, and observe the echo bouncing off from the building further end of the parking lot.

As we heard no car is approaching us, we started step forward to the parking lot, occasionally clapping hands to make sure we are heading to the right direction. At the same time, I slide my cane for any unexpected obstacles and curbs, and clicking my tongue to scan for parked cars so I don't bump into it.

When hand clap sound returns good echo feedback, we started clicking our tongues and approach to the other side of building, constantly scanning for any traffic in the parking lot.

For this intensive moment, Daniel taught me to use 'active sonar' techniques, hand clapping and tongue clicking. Hand clapps help locating a large objects like buildings from distance, giving rough orientation of self, and tongue clicks gives more precise information like distance, size and texture.

After crossing the parking lot, it's time for food!

Daniel and Me at the Parking Lot

Human Echolocation" Daniel and I Echolocating a Building

巨大な駐車場! しかもアメリカサイズの!




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