Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walking to the Park as Perceptual Mobility Training - とにかく公演へ散歩に出掛けるって感じ

For the 6th day of echolocation and perceptual mobility training, Juan is giving me some applied perceptual mobility training, using echolocation and other perceptions.
So, we the blind guys and the film crew are ready to roll out!


Juan Neil and Michael and me foreground outside house

Today, Juan taught me how to cross a light controlled pedestrian crossing. Though I did cross pedestrian crossing, Juan told me as if I am alone, clossing streets.

I recalled my memory... First, find a push button near the intersection and press the button and wait for the traffic to stop.
Safety first. If there is no traffic stopped for the pedestrian light, don't take it and pass the turn. If traffic comes and traffic stops at the light, then cross the street fast!
When crossing, I must hear the idling cars to veer for my way to the opposite side of the street.


Push a Button

Then, we are at Scherer park, and Juan told me we just explore around the park.


Juan and Me under shade at Scherer Park

When walking in the park, we found a public washroom.
Juan told me that public washroom has the same sign: For men, the sign has a man-shaped figure with triangle frame, and it often has braille saying men.
For women, the frame is round rather than triangle.

Men's Room Sign with Braille

As we walk around the park, the camera crew followed.


Neil Michael and me at Scherer park

After exploring Scherer park, we head back to Daniel's house.
We have to cross the street... but now I am getting used to it. No problem at all!


Juan Neil Michael and Me at Crosswalk

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