Monday, October 3, 2011

The Echolocation Experience with Daniel - 舌打ちエコロケーションの実地体験

After resting at Daniel's house for a while, Daniel took me out for a shopping mall to try to find me a prepaid SIM card for my SIM-free Android phone.
Though I am not used to walk without a sighted guide, he insisted that I follow him... I could not follow his speed!

He told me it may be because I have a short cane that comes to stomach-to-chest height, but for me, I am not used to walk outside... with the assistance of a blind person!

dAs we proceed our way, Daniel demonstrated me the echolocation, telling me about the echo bouncing off from surroundings as he click his tongue... and somehow, I felt it's working for him and hopefully it works for me!

We walked the passage, crossed the street and parking lot. What an experience!

By the way, for SIM card, we were not able to get it at Radio Shack and Verizon because the former daid they do not carry pay-as-you-go SIM, and the latter says there is no prepaid plans for smartphones.

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