Friday, October 14, 2011

My New Long White Cane - 私の長い白杖

After Juan and Adam have left, Daniel brogut something for me...

It's a brand new, long white cane!


新しい白杖だ! しかも、長い!

Daniel Handing Me New Canes

See the difference between my old Japan-sized Japanese cane and my new, American-sized cane!

my new and old canes

The Japanese cane is shorter because it is believed the cane should be thick enough, yet it comes to the height of belly button to chest level to tap the road, whereas the cane Daniel gave to me comes to the height of my nose, designed to slide on the surface to find things on surface, so not indended to apply force to the cane while walking.


my new and old canes

And I ask Daniel how much I owe him for this cane, and he said it is his gift, upon completion of the echolocation and perceptual mobility training - cingratulations!


Daniel and Me Outisde the House with New Long Cane

After this, the cameraman Neil came in and he interviewed me upon completion of the echolocation and perceptual mobility program with Daniel and Juan.

Neil Interviewing Me Outside with Camera

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