Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go Get Some Breakfast! - 朝食の調達訓練!

Juan and Me Outside House for Breakfast

Usually, Juan gets some breakfast for us, so I never go outside in the morning, but it was different this morning...

Okay! Get ready! Let's go get some breakfast!

He told me we are going to a donut shop nearby and get some croissant breakfast sandwich, and we started rolling on the street.

I click my tongue more frequently than Juan does, and we proceeded to Long Beach Boulevard with lots of traffic... then, I am so confused by the traffic noise, I keep walking close to the building all the time!
I totally forget about using echolocation to veer myself. Though my cane does its job telling me there is a pole ahead, and bushes on my left, I am not getting much echo feedback from my tongue click if I am distructed by hunger and other noise!
I managed to cross few streets and arrived at the corner store with some parking space.
Without thinking about hand clapping and tongue clicking, I approached to a shop, thinking today is not my day.
But, I could find the donut shop! My hearing is not so good but the sense of smell is working!






Juan and Me at a Donut Shop

We got some food!


After breakfast, we walked back to Daniel's house. I am a bit more confident and somewhat better at perceptual mobility than on my way to the shop. There is no hesitation to cross the parking lot, and started clicking my tongue finding my way back home... with no problem crossing streets and finding light poles and bushes!


Juan and Me Walking Away from the Donut Shop

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