Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Great Adventure of Visually Impaired - 視力障害者の冒険 in Downtown Vancouver

While I stayed in Vancouver in March 2011 for a couple of weeks, I got acquainted with a visually impaired friend, and he offered to take me back to the apartment I was staying.

He was familiar with downtown Vancouver. Moreover, he had an android phone with compass and google map that reads out streets and intersections for him, we thought we would have no problem.

However, when we get nearby, we have no idea which is the right building!

Since I am totally blind and he is visually impaired, and he cannot see anything as it gets dark outside, and his Android phone claims we are at the right place, we try to grab someone for help.

Vancouver is fairly safe and friendly place, but after sun is down, people on the street suddenly turn into an ignorant or a snob, not willing to stop for us.

After several tries, finally there is a person who told us that the building is across the street!

Okay, Google maps and talking compass sort of works, but it does not tell exact building. This technology may work for sighted people, but the Android phone definitely needs brush-ups to become a superior companion for visually impaired and blind people.

Back to Apartment






ほとんどの人は聞こえないふりをして通り過ぎますが、「I dont speak English」と流暢な英語を浴びせて逃げていく人もいました。



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