Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Perceptual Mobility Program - 舌打ち修行の内容

After I made a deal with Daniel about his team at World Access for the Blind offering the blindness rehabilitation program, including tongue clicking perceptual mobility training, Daniel started planning the series of training and activities.

First, he estimates I will need less than a day to learn the basics of tongue clicking echolocation, or flash sonar, spending most of the time inside or in a yard getting used to the sound of my own tongue click. In 2 to 4 days, I will be taken outside and familialise myself with my tongue click sound in other noise to brush up the skill of echolocation. By the 1st weekend, I suppose to be able to go out on my own...

That quick?

In the 2nd week, Daniel says he makes sure he will put me on a bicycle, take me to the beach, let me play some ball games, taking me to a hike, and teach me how to cook, so I can ride a bicycle, walk in a terrain, and cook Daniel a meal!

... can I really do it? Never know until I try them out!

I also learned that Daniel will be in and out from his house, so Juan Ruiz, his former trainee who is now teaching flash sonar under Daniel, will spend some time with me when Daniel is absent.

The departure date is getting nearby... in 2 days!

「World Access for the Blind」主宰者のダニエルと「視力障害機能訓練」というか、「感覚による歩行訓練」というか、「舌打ち修行」の交渉がまとまり、ダニエルが訓練のカリキュラムを組み始めました。







えっ? 本気? 確かに日本のテレビやYouTubeの動画で、ダニエルが自転車に乗っている映像はあったけど・・・








  1. That is awesome. I hope you can learn that quickly. I will bet the you can.

  2. I do hope so.

    Actually, at the end of the first week, I suppose to be traveling to San Diego on my own, fusing the techniques learned.
    If I still can see, it's no problem, but as being a blind man, it sure will be a challenge!