Friday, September 16, 2011

Blindness Rehabilitation Menus - 視覚障害訓練の内容

I am not sure this is the typical menu of blindness rehabilitation training in Japan, but I do get the following training.

1. Mobility training
Starting with walking inside, finding a washroom and navigate through the floor and rooms with sliding hands on rails or wall.
After getting comfortable with indoor walking, I practised whacking a cane. Though I briefly told I can slide the cane to find the surface, tapping the cane was soon to be introduced.
Since then, I go out on the street and started walking with a cane.

More about walking training and blindness mobility training follows.

2. Braille reading and writing
It was totally new to me, as I never thought about the existence of braille until I completely lost my sight.

Though most adults usually learn to write braille before reading, I was trained to read it first before writing it. The reason for it that adults fingers are not as sensitive as children so it is easier to learn to write first, but I went against that theory... after all, I just can read it slowly, not that fast.

I first learned Japanese braille characters, followed by numbers then alphabets.

It has been just a year since I started learning braille, but I at least read it at slow speed but can write it at fair speed using brailler (typewriter) nowadays.

3. PC (Windows 7)
The most delightful skill I learned is use of PC with screen reader )software that reads things on screen) again, even after becoming blind!
Started with turning it on and off, learned to blind touch (touch typing) then learned to navigate through menus. Also finding out which software works with screen reader and which do not.

Since then, I learned to surf on the net, sending and receiving email, checking news, accessing to libraries and read books, and now I figured out to blog!
If I want to, I can learn to use Word and Excel, but since they are not my priority, I just put them aside.

I wish I could attend other classes like cooking, but two-hour travel to the facility from home prevents me from attending there every day.


1. 歩行訓練初めは手の甲で手すりや壁を触りながら室内歩行。トイレへの行き方などを何度も繰り返して練習したのを覚えています。


2. 点字

3. パソコン



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