Thursday, September 22, 2011

The very 1st mail to Daniel - 舌打ち男への初メール

Encouraged by my American friends, I took one step forward towards echolocation... sending email directly to the president of World Access for the Blind, Daniel Kish.

Having no idea whether he will read it, even though the email address contains his name, Daniel Kish, I started composing a message. Just in case he has a secretary or other helper to read it, I chose words carefully not to be rude.

The message start with describing how I learned about him, my interests in echolocation and flash sonar technique, followed by my current situation as I am overprotected and always stay inside, wishing to go outside, and earn some freedom by learning echolocation.

The message concluded with the 4 questions for him; any Japanese people contacted him before, he will come to Japan sometime in future, too late for a man in mid 30s to start learning echolocation and flash sonar, and whether he is willing to teach me if opportunity allows.

It took awful 4 hours to write one email, since I am Japanese and English is not my native language, but I am satisfied with what I got in the email message.

Several hours later, I got a reply...

アメリカからの友人に励まされ、舌打ち男に連絡を取ることを決意。彼の名前はダニエル・キッシュ。盲人に機能訓練を提供する非営利団体、 World Access for the Blind の代表。そのホームページには、他の担当者の連絡先もある・・・ 



Dear Daniel or To Whom It May Concern



1. 過去に日本人からエコロケーションについて問い合わせはあったか
2. 過去に日本に来たことはあるか、また来る予定はあるか
3. 30台半ばでは、エコロケーションを身に付けるのは遅すぎるか
4. もし機会があったら、エコロケーションを教えてくれるか





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