Friday, September 23, 2011

The Answers to 4 Questions / 日本でのエコロケーションの反応は?

In an email reply from Daniel, he kindly answered the four questions I asked.

Q1. Has anyone from Japan contacted you about echolocation?

A1. A very few. One Japanese American who wants to spread echolocation in Japan but disappeared. He was interviewed by two different TV crews for Japanese TV shows, and recently he was interviewed by an another TV crew for a show that will soon to be aired in Japan.
Besides, he has not heard from any Japanese. Therefore, I am the first Japanese, besides TV crew, to get in touch with him, asking about echolocation.

Q2. Are you planning to come to Japan to teach echolocation anytime soon?

A2. Never been to Japan and no plans to visit Japan yet. If there is a sponsor, he will come to Japan and teach.
(So, I do not get a chance to experience tongue click echolocation anytime soon)

Q3. Is it too late for a man of mid-30s to start learning echolocation?

A3. Absolutely not, he says.

Q4. If I come to California, would you teach me echolocation?

A4. Absolutely!

After all, I learned that I seem to be the first blind guy in Japan who takes echolocation seriously, even though the TV shows featured echolocation aired twice in Japan, it did not draw too much attention.

Then, I started looking for any information about the TV shows aired in Japan in the past...


Q1 過去に日本人から問い合わせはありましたか?

A1 数人だけ。日本から二組のテレビクルーが取材に来たよ。3組目のクルーが最近来て、映像を衆力して帰っていったよ。近々放映予定らしいよ。

Q2 過去に日本に来たことはありますか?また、今後近いうちに来る予定はありますか?
A2 まだ来たこともないし、近いうちには来る予定も無いね。スポンサーが付いてくれれば、実現するかもね。

Q3 30台半ばの男でも、エコロケーションを習得するのに遅くは無いか?
A3 そんなことは無いよ。人間に元来備わっているスキルを引き出すのだから、時間にばらつきはあるが、きっと習得できるはず。

Q4 もし私がカリフォルニアに来たなら、エコロケーションを教えてくれますか?
A4 もちろん!



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