Friday, September 16, 2011

Starting Blindness Rehabilitation Training - 視覚障害リハビリ訓練に至るまで

Back to February 2010, I lost most of my sight, and worried about my future. How do I live from then?

I was in the university hospital and social worker had no idea where I can go after getting out from the hospital.
At the municipal welfare and healthcare department, no one had any idea so they recommended that I go in a care home with other eldery people. WTF!?

After leaving the university hospital, I spend most of my time staying inside my home, doing nothing... at that time, I could not use a cell phone, could not use my computer, just sitting on my bed doing nothing.

Then, a switching my doctor changed everything: The opthalmologist knew there is a rehabilitation facility in Fukuoka city and he arranged for an appointment with them.

After all, I started receiving blindness rehabilitation training at one of a very few facilities in Fukuoka city.
If my doctor did not tell me about it, I might end up staying inside for the rest of my life!

Following by* What I learn at the rehab center...


その後とにかく退院し、自宅で2ヶ月ほど。何もせずに過ごしました。目が見えないとその時持っていた携帯電話(infobar 2)は使えないし、パソコンも使えない。


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