Friday, September 23, 2011

The reply from Daniel / 舌打ち男からの返信

Within few hours from me sending the first email to Daniel Kish, the president of World Access for the Blind, I heard back from him with a lengthy mail, starting with appreciation of writing him.
Secondly, he described my English 'beautiful' as most native speaker of English would not write as good.
I am totally flattered, but I also thought he is just being polite. But, I soon find it is such a professional and thoughtful mail!

As the first and only certified blindness mobility coach in the United States of America, he started off with the length of my cane. He wrote I am using a rather short cane that comes to the chest-level, and he is totally right about it - I use a chest-height cane.
I mentioned in my email to him that I have trouble walking in rural, mountainous area, and he suggested I should consider replacing my cane to a longer one, like the one that comes to my chin or nose.
He gave me a few links to websites that support the idea of cane length.

Followed by the cane length consideration, he gave me a reading that contains the story of his first day at Kindergarten, using tongue clicks to find his desk in a room. It is such a adventure! From the reading, I learned he does not click his tongue madly - just click when he needs audible feedback!

An another story he shared was a diary of a mother whose son became blind. After learning echolocation technique, he became active!

After all, his response to my concern about staying home, will turn around if I adopt a long cane and learn to click -- to become active!

World Access for the Blindの主宰者、ダニエル・キッシュ氏にメールを送って数時間後、返事が来ました!








「keep in touch.」


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