Friday, September 30, 2011

United Airlines Flight to Dallas - シカゴからダラス

From Chicago to Dallas Fort Worth on United Airlines.
Though I am not a United Mileage pPlus status holder, I was put in the first row of Economy Plus seat.

When the beverage service begun, a flight attendant took my order and put a can of Coke Zero and a cup with some ice on a table and took off.
Unlike ANA, they do not pour some drink in a cup for me? Welcome to America!

A bit later, she came around and asked how I was doing, and I told her I was trying my best.

First, I thought they are a bit mean, but later I thought they are letting me do it intentionally... values my own will.

A Coke Zero Can

After a while, I talked with the flight attendant for a while, explaining I came to America to get blindness rehabilitation training.
She wished me a luck, and she handed me a cookie for me!

A Cookie

I was touched by the American way of kindness by a flight attendant.






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