Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introduction / 自己紹介

As of September 2011, I have been sightless for two years and two months, lost the sense of light for a year and two months. I have an inherit heart disease called Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy (IDC).
When I suddenly lost my eyesight, the intern eye doctor at the university hospital told me he could not figure out what caused the sight loss. Still felt strange, I decided to see my cardio doctor who happened to be at the same hospital, and he suspected my heart could be a cause. After a electrocardiography and MRI, he found out that I was in a critical condition: I had irregular pulse, and I seemed to have a stroke. With a slight speech inpedament and a bit of numbness in my hand, everything seems okay, but the artery to my eyes are clogged. I received an IV injection right away, but it was too late to save my vision...
After 10 months in hospital I walked away from there with completely loss of eyesight caused by glaucoma. No sense of light at all.

If I was treated as I had a stroke for the first visit at the hospital and I received an IV, my eyes would have been saved, but it's too late. Instead of complaining the past things, I would rather think ahead and figure out what I can do.




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