Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joining PC-Volunteer Circle Niji - パソボラさーくる虹との出会い

At the same time I seek for help in early 2010, the opthalmologist at the eye clinic recommended a volunteer-based PC class for the blind that is aimed for the blind to learn to use Windows PC with screen reader.

My mom called the president, and I attended the once-a-month gathering.
When I went to the classroom, I was stunned! The overwhelming computer voice and attendees lively chatting and yelling!

They are divided into small groups by themes of PC skills they want to learn. For the first day, I joined the beginners group and learned to blind touch typing.

For their website:

After a year and a few months, I learned to use screen reader to browse the internet, sending and receiving email and learned to use some more apps.
The best yet, it is the great opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts among the blind!







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