Friday, September 23, 2011

Finding Sponsors (英語のみ)

After hearing the tongue click reproduction, I thought I will not get it right unless I hear it in person. So, I asked Daniel if there is a possibility that we can meet and let me hear his tongue click sound, or possibly teach me how to do it.

He suggested that I should look for a sponsorship in Japan - Any organizations that could possibly sponsor the World Access for the Blind so he would be invited to Japan and hold a training for a few days.

He told me the training fee is somewhere a grand or two per day, other expenses extra. I doubt any organisations in Japan would have the budget for the training, I asked a few organizations anyway... Of course, the answer were nay.

Moreover, I was told that they cannot invest on something that is unreal.

I told Daniel about that there is no success, I started seeking the option that I fly to California to get some training...

I knew I must comvince my authoritatave parents to let me go outside and fly to a foreign country, I decided to make all arrangements then propose my plan to my parents...

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