Monday, September 19, 2011

My First flying Experience alone with Japan Airlines after becoming blind - 全盲になって初めての一人海外旅行 with JAL

While I was concerning when I should contact with World Access for the Blind, I was invited to go and visit my friends in Canada IF I CAN, so I took a chance to fly to Vancouver... alone!
Though my parents were strongly against it, I convinced them that everything from airport pick-up and drop-off, and someone will be attended with me all the time (which were not realistic), I finally convinced them to let me go!

My choice of the airline for this trip was Japan Airlines because I was not sure how travelling blind alone would going to be, I would be peace of mind if I have less stress communicating with flight attendants in Japanese... but frustration stroke me at the time I try to book online... JAL website is not fully compatible with screen reader so I cannot book my flight! Moreover, I tried to book it with my mobile phone, it only show direct flights from Japan to international destinations and shows no flights connecting flights!
Therefore, I ended up calling the ticketing office and booked my flight. Then, I called JAL Priority Guest Service to let them know I am blind, and it is all done!

When I arrive at Fukuoka airport, the representive guided me to a counter for people who needs care - JAL Smile Support, instead of lining up at the regular counters.
They even offered to take this photo!

Except for awkward booking process, the support provided for the blind by Japan Airlines is satisfactory.





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