Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seeing Steve and friends off - 福岡空港で見送り

It was the early August, 6 weeks after Steve and friends visited me in my hometown, they were going back to Texas. As I heard about it, I went to Fukuoka airport to see them off.

Though, again, we did not have much time to talk, I told him I am planning to fly to America to get some blindness rehabilitation training.

As we walked to the departure gate, I told him what if I fly to Texas to meet him and the folks, even though I abecame blind, and he noticed I am not Joking...

Texas became the second destination!

A Group Shot at Fukuoka Airport


ハハハ・・・じゃあね! と言う流れになるはずなのですが、それは冗談ではないとスティーブは察してくれたので・・・


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