Monday, November 7, 2011

Flying to Tokyo inn JAL Domestic First Class - JAL国内線ファーストクラスで東京へ

After started getting around with echolocation and some help, I took the challenge: Going to Tokyo!
This time, I accumulated enough milesssss to fly round-trip to Tokyo, I am flying with Japan Airlines.


In mjor airports like Fukuoka, there is a designated check-in counter for passengers with disability. For JAL, it's calld JAL Smile Counter. At check-in counter. It was a busy morning rush hour, ground staff seem to be running around. And a person at check-in counter told me that the flight is full, and they will give me an involuntarily upgrade, though I will not get the normal meal service, which I gladly accepted.
a counter staff did the check-in process, and a JAL ground person guided me to the boarding gate. Not to mention, they were happy to guide me through the airport.

すると、係の方が、「廣澤様、本日は機内が大変込み合っておりまして・・・ よろしければお席を変更させて頂きたいのですが・・・」


A Photo with a Ground Staff

Then, I seated in JAL First Class cabin.

At the cruising altitude, some passengers, who I assume they paid for the first class fare, started receiving breakfast. At the same time, I could tell several people were waiting for food, including myself.


Me in JAL First Class Seat with some Food

Some noodles!
I started hearing some people slurping, so there must be some people received involuntarily upgrade!


When I leave the airplane, no one saw me off.
Oh well...


Disembarking Alone

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