Thursday, November 17, 2011

Priority Seats on Trains in Kyoto and Osaka - 京都の優先席の利用

What I always surprise when I am in Kyoto / Osaka and Tokyo is the availability of so-called priority seats.
They are often available for people with disability, regarding how crowded the train is... And this time is no exception.
This JR train carries full of tourists who are going back to Kyoto. I get on the train last to avoid being pushed or disturbed, expecting to stand whole way to Kyoto, but no one takes the priority seat and standing on the train!
Well, I took the seat and figuring out why the seat is available... do they think there would be someone like me who appreciates the seat, or they have typical Japanese comformity that they should not take a priority seat if no one is taking? It is quite a mystery.


Me in Priority Seat

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