Sunday, March 13, 2016

Flying with JetBlue Blind

JetBlue Airways is not much known among Japanese, but it certainly is one of the best, for accommodating disabled passengers, from booking and arranging for an assistance, while checking-in, guiding to the tarmac to get onboard, hospitality during flight, and assisting to the arrival lobby!

When I had to do a round-trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles and back, I chose OAK-LGB instead of SFO-LAX and it was the right choice for less stress on ground transportation and smooth on and off the plane for a smaller airports.

The notable services for JetBlue is anyone at check-in counter knows and can assist people with disability, precise direction if they need to leave me in a waiting area, seated, and especially at LGB, they install a slope at the back of the airplane while regular stairs in front exit so I can take slopes while other passengers can board from the stairs!

My seats were 1D and 25D, the closest from the front for OAK for passenger boarding bridge, and 25D for slopes for Long Beach. I boarded too early, the crew offered me a drink and delicious brand cookies while others are still boarding!
When serving, a crew gave me a bag of chips. I told her I'd like to open it by myself so I won't spit the content if I hold the bag incorrectly, she just cut the edge and handed it to me, so I can tear the bag. What a hospitality! 

It's difficult to meet every single requests from disabled passengers, but JetBlue crews didn't mind listening to my requests, including taking some photos! I'm looking for an another opportunity to fly with JetBlue!




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