Friday, August 22, 2014

Reuniting with Daniel Kish

I managed to get to Daniel's house by myself! He and other coaches will work with me for follow-up echolocation and perceptual mobility training, and thank Daniel for hosting me for my stay in Long Beach!

Sleeping in Full Flat Seat in ANA Business Class Cabin

I'm not in a coffin, I'm just sleeping in a new ANA's business class stuccart seat with a large pillow and a pad!

Beef Steak Dinner in the Air

Cabin attendants gladly explained what's on table, so a full course meal in ANA Business Class is not difficult for a blind passenger.

ANA First Suite Lounge

I'm ready for an another Echolocation training in Long Beach this summer! Flying to Los Angeles with involuntarily upgrade to ANA business class.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Firefly Live in Akizuki ほたるライブ in 秋月

Darrell came to my hometown Akizuki to play some songs. A bunch of fireflies complimented the gig. Thanks for your wonderful music Darrell, and hope you'll come back again!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Me with Apple Pancake

It's huge!

Douglas College

This is where I started 20 years ago.


Me at Oceanside Pier

Visiting the world famous Oceanside pier before leaving.

Garrett's Popcorn

Since I could not get some in Harajuku, I went to Chicago to get some!